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I'm sorry - what?

February 2nd, 2009

So yes, it has snowed! @ 11:32 am


All very lovely and great to have the day off work.  The most amusing thing about this is that "everybody" I know bar the Canadian and hardy bend_gules  is at home on their computers chatting and emailing each other about the snow and not at work!  I have made it to the corner shop for some milk and snacks (no dieting today!) but that is about it.  

I might get cracking on my cotehardie and at least start of the cutting so I don't waste the day completely, that is unless I get distracted by all this fun online!


January 12th, 2009

Potato! @ 07:40 pm

Current Mood: chipper chipper

One of things I love most about living in London is sitting on the top of a double decker bus and watching the world go by - London always looks more interesting from a bus, you have a lot less of the boring plate glass windows and more interesting buildings.

So on the bus on way to Spitalfields market yesterday I saw the "potatos".  I seen them before but never managed to photo them and they always make me smile.  Someone paints potatos bright or flouscent colours and stuck with sticks and cotton buds and then placed on top of bus shelters.  I've only seen them in the city or in the hackney area, but they may well be around all of London, and I just spend most of my time in the City and the East End.

I am sure from TfL's point of view they are littering but I love them!  They look fun and they always make me smile.

So very pleased to get a chance to photo them, not a great shot but it was through the bus window and done very quickly.

So Yay for the pototos - long may the continue!


January 11th, 2009

overheard in Camden today @ 05:56 pm

Current Mood: silly silly

I overheard this from two teenage lad in Camden this afternoon...."Well we can get a piercing or go to the cinema"

What a choice!

December 18th, 2008

Early Festive wishes! @ 05:36 pm

Current Mood: happy happy

Today was my last day at work until the 5th Jan!  This is the longest time I've had off work in bleeding ages.

Tomorrow I am off to a friends wedding and then off to parents for a few days of baking and festive prep and then hopefully a lovely Christmas with my family and my wonderful Nick.

This will therefore be my last post until after Christmas (and possibly 2008) so I would like to wish everyone a great festive season, whatever you may be doing, wherever you are and who ever you may be with!

Hugs all round!

December 7th, 2008

not the greatest of weeks @ 08:34 pm

Current Mood: drained drained

Well it hasn't been the greatest of weeks I've got say.  It started badly on Monday when I left my embroidery on the bus or train (not sure which) on the way in to work in the morning.  It was a piece of work for bend_gules  and had done quite a lot of work on which I now need to start again.  Arse.

I have agreed to be head cook at Crown feast in March - ahh...still not sure why!?  Never cooked or planned for anything this large.  I told my brother (a professional chef) a couple of weeks ago and he just laughed and said he would have to come a help!  I think I will make him call me "chef" all weekend if he does. 

Anyway I digress, as part of the menu planning, I went around Duke Alaric's on Wednesday.  I knew then I wasn't well but solidered on.  Went into work on Thursday morning and managed about 1 hour before giving up, I had a really nasty cold and cough, I spent Thursday and Friday in bed feeling miserable. By Saturday I was starting to feel better and decided to venture out but only managed about 40 minutes before I had to head home again.  Today has again been spent coughing, sleeping and not feeling happy. 

It is not great being ill at the best of times but 3 weeks before Xmas is not great becuase I have a load of stuff that needs to be done which I have totally failed to do. 

I hope I feel better soon as this week is crazy busy because we Eddie Izzard on Tuesday, work Xmas party on Thursday and the Byztanitum exhibtion on Friday.


November 29th, 2008

The joy a free quiet weekend! @ 04:01 pm

Current Mood: content content

This is our first completely free weekend that Nick & I have had in ages and with the busy Xmas period nearly upon us the joy of a weekend totally to ourselves it a wonderful thing.  So a long lay in this morning, a nice wander around the market and I am now curled up on the sofa with some sewing, a cheesy movie on the telly and some snacks....bliss real bliss and a quiet sunday for tomorrow to look forward to.

ahh I am a happy bunny.

November 22nd, 2008

Tickets! @ 12:31 pm

Yay our Eddie Izzard tickets have arrived!!! 

November 13th, 2008

Knackered but happy! @ 08:26 pm

A lovely day today spent shovely shit! 

As part of my works community investment me and a group of colleagues spent today on http://www.freightlinersfarm.org.uk/  It was great fun and was mostly spent bagging up a huge mounds of manure!

I had a very interesting conversation with the director of the farm and a couple of really interesting ideas came up. 

I initially asked about a note regarding blacksmithing classes in the evening which I am sure lots of the people in the shire would be interested in and then, because the have a few head of sheep I asked what they did with their fleeces, to which I was told they use some but sell most.  They have some rare breeds of medieval sheep and when I mentioned the SCA, her eyes lit up!  She was very keen to do something herself but also we might be able use the farm for various activities - a large field in central london!!! excellent.

I am completely knackered now and don't think I will manage to stay awake later than nine but sill - a good day

November 5th, 2008

Projects, Projects..... @ 09:04 pm

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Kingdom Uni is coming up this week and the need for warm clothes is pressing.  Nick and I have nice warm wool tunics but no hoods or cloaks.  So this week I have been beavering away at getting things sorted.  We now have 2 hoods and I have almost completed a cloak for Nick, so hopefully we will be warm and toasty on the weekend!

October 12th, 2008

"Viceroy" or "me a lady, never!" @ 01:09 pm

Current Mood: happy happy
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Yesterday ws Viceroy! 

We set off very early from Alaric and Nerissas (after staying the night),bend_gules  and her lord made for a full and chirpy car.  The drive down to the site was foggy and I was worried that the day would be spoiled by being cold and wet. But when we reached the site (Mellow Farm) the skys cleared and the day turned into a wonderful bright, clear (and warm!) sunny day!!!  It was a real surprise for October.

The site was great - a large flat field for the tourney, a good sized modern barn for crash space and cooking and wonderful medieval barn for court and feast.  I understand that the site was quite pricey but I definately think worth going back to again perhaps for a larger summer tourney event where people could camp.

So after a quick change it was time for Vitus and Guilettes final court.  Lord Robert was heralding again and he opened the business saying that is was feast day of St Ethelburga (at which my ears pricked up) and that Edith of Hedingham should come up!!!

At this point my mind sorted of stopped working, I am not very good this sort attention and I was very aware of my heart pounding and being very red.  Vitus said some truely lovely things about me and I was shocked to hear that I had had loads of recommendations for my AoA including serveral from outside Kingdom (which floored me totally).  The scroll I was given had been made by the Queen herself .  I understand from Nick that I got  my "vivats" as I sat down, (very happy and totally embarassed) but I can honestly say I don't remember!

The rest of court went well (I think!).

Speaking to bend_gules after court, she said my AoA was way over due, had recommended me herself, and the outside kingdom recomendations had come from attendees of KWHS in September which very flattering indeed.  I got lots very lovely comments and hugs and then basically spent the rest of the day grinning like a nutter!

On to the tourney.

The tourney had 7 entranants and to my untutored eye it looked like a very well fought one as well, Baron Clancy won for his Lady Ursula. 

The rest of the day was spent in chatting and enjoying ourselves, I finished of the garter and spurs for Duke Alaric and put it in the A&S display.

Before the feast the new Viceroy and Vicerine stepped up and ran a small court, and so once again as I lurked at the back of the barn was shocked (again) to hear my name and then to be given a small award for the best A&S entry in the display - a lovely piece of weaving by Jahanarbanu.  My mind was slightly more clearer this time so I could enjoy the experiance more!

The feast was excellent, wonderful tasty food and interested chat and conversation and then the drive back to London and as Pepy would have it "so to bed"

I can't really sum up how happy I was with everything yesterday, the AoA was wonderful to recieve and getting the A&S was great as well, the weather was perfect, the site was excellent - a very happy person here!!!

and for those that are interested - here are the photos I took - Flickr


I'm sorry - what?